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North Americans at UK Colleges and Universities
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This community is for North American students interested in studying in the UK, those already studying in the UK, and those in the UK willing to help them out. Its sister community is uk_nor_am_ac, meant for UK Students in North America.


Hello and weclome to North Americans at UK Colleges and Universities! Please read all the previous posts before asking your question. Your question may have already been answered. Yes we are aware that there might be 90 something posts and that is a lot of reading, but please read them first. If something is unclear then by all means ask your question. Some helpful items to get you going in the right direction:

01: The links to your left hand side on the main page are very useful-please take the time to go visit them and do your research.

02: If you are in high school and are interested in doing your undergrad in the UK then please visit UCAS home page-it will point to the right direction regarding applying to the UK, etc.

03: We do get asked a lot of questions so here is our FAQ guide.

04: Worried about the biometrics appointment or wondering what to expect? One of our members wrote about her biometric appointment.

05: See our Tag Guide on how to tag your entry & see our Tags In Use page BEFORE posting an entry.

Appropriate posts might read like this:

"Hello everyone! I'm looking into applying as an undergraduate at University College London (going into Philosophy), and was wondering if anyone here goes there, and if so what sort of class sizes I would be looking at. Thanks for your time!"

Or one might read:

"Hi there! I'm looking for a really good school for Nursing and Midwifery. I don't really want to go to a major city, but I'm really into theatre. I'm getting a Bachelors in Biology from University of Nebraska next summer. Thank you in advance!"

Some might post:

"Hi guys, I'm from Southern California and I've never lived anywhere else. I really want to go into British Cultural studies, though. I'm looking at [school], [school], and [school] for undergraduate next fall. Is it going to be too much culture shock? How cold is it really? When should I apply for a visa if I go? Thank you so much!"

You could also say:

"Hey everyone, I'm going on a two-week trip to Scotland! I'm going to check out Glasgow, Edinburgh, and St Andrews. I'll give a full report when I'm back. Anything you want me to look for/into while I'm there?"

But bad things happen to posts reading:

"hey loozrs, YRU tryn to leave, R U 2 st00pid 4 here"
or something like:
"mega party in Leeds tonight bring beer and i'll have the music call 555-5634 for more information!!!!1!"

The two above examples WILL be deleted. Please try to use something like proper grammar and avoid 1337 or netspeak. This is for information, but it's not for homework help. Any pictures posted (as in the report expected from the last GOOD example) or rather long posts should be behind a cut. Please use tags with the full name of the college/university in question, etc. to make for easier searching.

Finally, commenters should be NICE TO POSTERS AND ONE ANOTHER! Also, no school rivalries getting in the way, eh?

Got it? OKAY! Have a Smurfy day!

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