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Best museum studies programs

Hi all,
I am planning to apply for museum studies programs in the UK, and need help choosing the best schools. From what I have researched on this site, people have mentioned the University of Leicester, the University of Glasgow, and Newcastle as having some good programs. Haha the entries I found pertaining to these schools were from 2007/2008, so I was wondering if anyone had any updated info on museum programs, or if those who attended any programs in the UK could recommend anything. I'm from the US, and it has been difficult trying to find the best programs there as well as in the UK. I have been asking everyone one I can think of! Any help would be super appreciated, and I love this community for existing!

European Travel Warning Alert

It has been quite sometime since I posted, but I just wanted to give the heads up to all of you who are currently in the UK and Europe-the State Department will issue a "travel alert" for Europe on Sunday morning that advises Americans to stay vigilant on the continent. If you haven't registered with the US Embassy please take the time to do so. It takes less than 2 minutes and its a great way to get assistance if you need it in case of an emergency.

There's been some indications that the travel alert might include public places (especially those where tourists can be found), but I don't believe the alert will target specific places.

Just keep vigilant and have fun with your year abroad. :)


This visa will make me cry, I swear.

The consulate in LA will forever be behind around this time of year and I accept that, but I've got a few questions.

On the CAS statement there's a "Start Date" and a "Latest Start Date". My CAS statement says that my latest start date would be October 1st, which to my surprise, is tomorrow. I didn't receive an email or a visa from the consulate today so I'm obviously not going tomorrow but my question is if they're really strict on this? Will I have to be issued a brand new CAS Statement because they have not issued my visa before this date? (To be fair, they've had my application for 15 business days already, grr.)

Has anyone had this same experience and have had the school extend the date for you somehow? I've emailed my school and so far they've been a big help in informing accommodation and professors about my absence (I've missed the first three days of school already!) and I would hate to bother them all over again.

Also, I know UKBA does not offer status updates on visas but should I at least call them and inform them of this date/ask them the same question? Or would that be a waste of my $12?

Offer Letter & Visa

Hello everyone!

So, three weeks after I send in my application, and on the day of enrolment for courses, the Uni I applied to calls me up, asks some questions, and tells me they're going to accept me. Weee!

However. Last night, I was e-mailed a PDF of my unconditional offer letter. It's in my married name (which is the name I applied under). My passport's still in my maiden name. My current student visa, which is up on 30/10, is also in my maiden name. I don't (yet) know whether or not I'll be able to get my passport changed to my married name before then if I send it via courier to the Embassy. (If anyone knows - I'm going to call - feel free to let me know!) 

My main question is: Do you think I should go ahead and ask the Uni to put my offer letter in my maiden name?

Given: Right now, all I have to do is e-mail to get permission to switch Unis/courses, and I do have until 30/10 to apply for an extension/new visa, which would then extend my current leave until the application's been decided. And... pretty soon all my documents will be in my married name - as in, my bank, bills, etc already are in my new name.

I hope someone has some advice.



I have a question about everyone's favourite thing - the FAFSA. So. I barely had a job at all last tax year, certainly not enough to need to file. So I didn't file. Last year, I was also in school (in the UK) and in receipt of a loan. I didn't get any tax info for that. Now that I'm filling out the FAFSA, what do I put for income? Should I put $0, or do I put in what I got for my loan? Does my loan information go anywhere on the FAFSA? I am so confused.

EDIT: Anyone got any ideas on what to do if your W-2s never showed up so you have no idea how much you made in the 2008/2009 tax year?

LCC- MA Media, Comm, Critical Practice

 Hello- I'm currently in the process of applying to London College of Communication for a MA in Media, Communication and Critical Practice.  Does anyone have any experience of this program?  Or of LCC for a MA in general?  

Also, I'm assuming one can attach extra pages to the application for the person statement/proposal of study?  It doesn't indicate you can't, but it also doesn't say "attach additional pages if necessary".  I'm probably being overly worrisome but...

And for probable stupid question number 2, should I change all spelling on my application to the British spellings?  

Thanks for your help!

Passport / Visa Question

Hey everyone,

I'm wondering if any other Canadian has had the following problem: my passport is expiring in six months, but my student visa for study in the UK is good for another two years. The passport office renewing my passport said that they couldn't transfer the visa from the old one to the new; that would be up to the British High Commission, who are spectacularly unhelpful and cloistered away from any kind of contact without paying through the nose for the privilege of speaking to an agent.

All I want to know is if I'm safe travelling to the UK with a new passport and my still-valid visa in my old passport. Anyone?


ETA: Nevermind, got the answer! You have to travel with both passports, but can pay a fee and fill out an application to transfer it to the new one if you'd rather not. Whew!
hello all-

i was wondering if anyone had any advice about finding places to live in stratford-upon-avon? i'm an american student who will be studying at the shakespeare institute this fall (beginning october) and i'm trying to figure out if i should be trying to arrange something before i get there or if it's best to sort out in person, how hard it will be to find housing, how much i should expect to pay, etc.

also, any general advice about living there would be greatly appreciated! especially places to stay while trying to find housing. i visited for a day last year, but don't know much about the nitty-gritty of day to day life (i have lived in london previously, though, so the uk is not wholly new to me).


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international development in london

So, after spending the past few months in a job I really do not enjoy and is completely unrelated to my passions I've decided it's probably best to go get that Masters degree. I have an undergraduate degree in history from the University of Michigan. I honestly do not have the best academic record and am worried that will affect my chances for acceptance. Anyway...

I'm interested in programs in international development, human rights, peace studies, or something in that area. I'd eventually like to work for an international nonprofit/NGO. And I know it is expensive, but I really want to be in London. Are there any lists of schools with these type of programs? Or does anyone know of a some good ones to look into?

Also, does anyone know of any schools/programs that allow for learning of a second language? I'd like to learn Arabic, if possible.

Thanks for all of your help!


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