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Housing in Bangor, Gwynedd...

Hello, just wanted to take a long shot here and see if anyone is looking for housing in Bangor?

I live in a student/graduate mixed house of five housemates. Two of us are leaving for a new place of our own in Rachub, so we need to fill our contracts.

Just wondering if anyone here is coming to uni in Bangor this year and needs somewhere? Here are the details:

Leases run through June 2012; September rent is due the 25th of August. The two rooms that will be coming available are in a five-person house that is well-maintained and clean, in a very convenient location (close to Aldi, Main Arts, M&S, the Octagon, and the buses in the centre of town).

The first room is a large double that takes up the top 1/3 of the first floor. It comes fully furnished with bed, dresser, ample clothing storage, and desk.
The rent is £70pw (the house divvies up the collective rent based on room size).

The second room is on the ground floor, it is a single fully furnished bedroom with bed, dresser, bookshelf, desk/chair and wardrobe. It overlooks the garden.
The rent is £57.50pw.

Bills average about £40pcm and are not included in the rent. The house benefits from a full shower/bath and additional half bath upstairs, a modern fitted kitchen, tile flooring, radiant heating, and a small garden out back which is ideal for BBQs.

The remaining housemates have lived in the house for the past two years and have a good relationship with the landlord (who does everything strictly by the book). We are looking to replace the two girls who are moving out (but obviously you don't have to be a girl). Geeks, gays, and Beyonce lovers who pay the rent and bills on time would be in good company!

For more information or to book a viewing please email cop812@bangor.ac.uk




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