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BA to MA visa question

Hello all!

Three years after my last contribution to this community (under the alias amalia-slava) I am returning with further questions perhaps someone will have had a similar experience.

I've just finished my BA at UCL, and have been accepted in to an MA program beginning 24 September. I understand I can apply for a Tier 4 visa extension without any problems. However here's my issue: my visa runs out 8 August, and the UKBA website says I can't apply from within the country if the period between the expiration of my current visa and commencement of new course is more than one month, and I need to go back to the States to apply for a visa from there which begins no more than one month before the beginning of studies.

1. I don't have a permanent address in the States so I don't even know where I would apply from.
2. It's bloody expensive to rush to the US at such short notice.
3. I have a part time job here which I would quite like to keep during my MA program, but they can't really keep me employed without the appropriate visa.

Main concern: Can I still apply from within the UK, do they make any exception for such situations?

Don't judge to harshly that I haven't done my application earlier since I didn't (and still don't) have all of my documents.

Many thanks!


Applying to history Ph.D. Programs


I'm applying to some Ph.D. programs in history in the UK for this fall. Late in the game, but I figure with rolling admissions I still have a shot and I have funds to pay my way. I have a BA (3.30 GPA) and MA (3.80) in history, I've presented at conferences, and I had a paper published in a peer-reviewed academic journal. I'll be applying to:
- MPhil Early Modern History at Cambridge
- PhD University College London
- PhD King's College London
- PhD University of York
- PhD University of Edinburgh
- PhD University of Sheffield

The questions I have are:
1. Although they accept applications up until a month before programs start in October, is it too late in the game to apply?
2. How difficult would be to get into these programs as an American who can pay her way (at least for a while).
3. How detailed do universities usually want research proposals? In the US they want them to be more general, but I know the UK expects you to come in ready to research your topic. I know the topic and the basic research question but I know things will develop more cohesively once I start researching. Do I need to be able to name exact sources, archives, collections, etc. or would detailing my research experience, question, the sources I've used and a general sampling of sources I plan to use suffice?
4. What is the difference in the UK between the personal statement and research proposal? King's asks for a personal statement.
5. Do you always have to send transcripts in through the post or are uploaded official copies on the web applications enough?

Thank you so much for your help!

Housing in Bangor, Gwynedd...

Hello, just wanted to take a long shot here and see if anyone is looking for housing in Bangor?

I live in a student/graduate mixed house of five housemates. Two of us are leaving for a new place of our own in Rachub, so we need to fill our contracts.

Just wondering if anyone here is coming to uni in Bangor this year and needs somewhere? Here are the details:

Leases run through June 2012; September rent is due the 25th of August. The two rooms that will be coming available are in a five-person house that is well-maintained and clean, in a very convenient location (close to Aldi, Main Arts, M&S, the Octagon, and the buses in the centre of town).

The first room is a large double that takes up the top 1/3 of the first floor. It comes fully furnished with bed, dresser, ample clothing storage, and desk.
The rent is £70pw (the house divvies up the collective rent based on room size).

The second room is on the ground floor, it is a single fully furnished bedroom with bed, dresser, bookshelf, desk/chair and wardrobe. It overlooks the garden.
The rent is £57.50pw.

Bills average about £40pcm and are not included in the rent. The house benefits from a full shower/bath and additional half bath upstairs, a modern fitted kitchen, tile flooring, radiant heating, and a small garden out back which is ideal for BBQs.

The remaining housemates have lived in the house for the past two years and have a good relationship with the landlord (who does everything strictly by the book). We are looking to replace the two girls who are moving out (but obviously you don't have to be a girl). Geeks, gays, and Beyonce lovers who pay the rent and bills on time would be in good company!

For more information or to book a viewing please email cop812@bangor.ac.uk


A couple of visa questions

Hello, all!

I've spent ages going through tracked tags and old entries on this community (and online, too) and I still have a couple of questions, especially since a lot of the entries are from 2009 and earlier, and I don't know what may have changed.

1) I think I'm mostly just confused about the process. Like, we fill out the online application - got it. They send us an email telling us which supporting documents we need - got it. We set up biometrics appointment - got it. But... when do I actually send the supporting documents? After I submit the online part (which I know I need to print out)? I know that's a terribly stupid question but, yeah. (Er, also, do they give you an address of where to send this stuff?)

2) I'm putting on my visa app that I got a speeding ticket (been told better safe than sorry) even though it's fixed penalty etc on the part where it asks for criminal convictions. Do I need to send a copy of the ticket with my stuff...? Or just have that on me if it's asked for?

3) Do I just need confirmation of the biometrics *appointment* before I send my stuff off (I'm guessing to the NY consulate? I live in DC) or do I need to wait until the actual biometrics are done?

4) My school, University of Manchester, assured me that a letter from them saying I had been approved for x amount of loans disbursed at x time was all the proof I needed that I could fund myself. I have some personal savings but otherwise I'm living entirely off loans (mix of Direct Stafford Loans + Grad PLUS loans). So can I just disregard the "provide bank statements for the past 3 months" etc etc stuff and ONLY send the letter from the loan office at UoM showing my loan approval?

5) Oh! One more thing. Anyone had trouble RECENTLY with the size of passport photos? From posts here before, people have sent 2x2 photos with no issues. But at the Post Office today they told me I should double check because they could be rejected. I have a whole printout of the exact specifications of the recent passport photos and I have no idea where to get that done as most places just do a standard US-sized passport photo.

THANK YOU!! And sorry for any redundancies!
(n00b poster is noob, so forgive any glaring idiocy or posting errors)

I am interested in the general field of law and politics, with a dash of economics and an international emphasis - though admittedly I'm still looking into a career as a politician \o/ *sells soul to the dark side* in America. I would like to study abroad, at least for my undergraduate, both perhaps attending university somewhere besides the US (UK in this case), and hopefully in a program that further allows me to study in other countries or travel to gain a truly global perspective on all things we care about even though they give us headaches to think about. I'd had whimsical fancies of it earlier in the year but gave it up due to personal reasons - as well as the fact that now it's well past all the application deadlines I originally saw for applying. That said I've recently learned some schools will consider applications up until June 30, especially for international students.

So, question time!

Basically, will applying this late matter, can I get in, what schools can I get into, where should I apply to, ect ect.Collapse )

Please and thank you for all your help! :D
Apologies if you've already seen this post over in applyingtograd - I was directed here with my questions.

I'm looking at taught Master's programs in the U.K. (that will hopefully lead into a PhD) and I have a couple questions about the kinds of degrees available. I'll be applying to either English Language or Linguistics of English/Historical English Linguistics. I know that at some schools MPhils are like MA's plus a thesis, while at others they are just MA's by a different name, which makes me wonder about all the other degrees. The options I've seen for my programs are: MPhil, M.Sc., M.St., MA. I'm looking hopefully towards Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and also schools like U of Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds. If I do end up pursuing a PhD, it will also be in in the U.K.

So my questions are:

- What exactly is an M.St.? Is it the same as a "studies" degree in North America? Do people take it seriously when you're applying to do a PhD?

- Can you still (if all the stars align) get hired into a University English department with an M.Sc. (and a PhD in addition) if it's from a British school?

- What kind of Master's degrees have you gotten? Any words of wisdom?

I feel like those questions are kind of silly, but I'm afraid of finding myself applying to a degree that isn't ideal for my aspirations. Any help at all would be appreciated!

tell me about KCL!

I didn't really research KCL much before applying to their European Studies program (I know, I know) so I don't know much about it. How is it as a student? Futzy? Bureaucratic? OK? Any input at all?
Good evening,

I'm currently applying to two programs for postgrad in the UK - an MA in Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester and an MA in Culture and Difference at Durham University. I have an academic advisor through this program called Across the Pond for my Durham application, so I don't really need any help there, but I'm having a bit of trouble with my UoM application. I will try to outline them in bullet form:

1. There is no place that specifies I need a personal statement for the program at UoM. I contacted the department and they said no PS is needed unless I'm contacted and asked for one. However, I can't imagine applying without one. I feel like it can only enhance my application. There is a place on the form that asks for 'more details' and also, I think I can add this as a supporting document. Should I?

2. This is the part that troubles me the most. UoM requires 2 references. The same 2 professors are doing my references for Durham and for UoM. For Durham, I will send the professors a stamped & addressed envelope for my advisor with Across the Pond. But for UoM, there is a reference page that I need to fill out the top part of and they need to complete the bottom. I am planning to print this, fill it out, then send to them along with a stamped & addressed envelope. But the online application says everything should be 'scanned and ready to upload'. How am I supposed to upload my references, which I'm not supposed to see? This doesn't seem right to me? Should I post them to the department (Social Anth) or admissions office? Same for my official transcript. Upload or have my university send it directly?

3. How specific do I need to be about funding? I'm most likely going to need to take out federal government loans, but I haven't applied for the loans yet.

4. Is there any chance I could defer entry to either master's program for a year if I enter? I know this is course-specific but on the off chance anyone knows...

5. I was an exchange student at the University of Sussex for one semester. The applications ask for educational background. I only list my BA from my undergrad because I didn't receive a degree or anything as an exchange student.

6. Finally... just an opinion. Is mid-March really too late to be turning these applications in? I work full-time well over 40/hrs week and it doesn't leave me a lot of free time to work on applications, so I'm a little late getting all my stuff together.

That's a ton of questions, but thank you in advance for any help!

NHS confusion

 I've been told I can't get help with a certain condition because it was diagnosed in the states before I left. Thing is, I'm staying longer than 6 months; I can't seem to find anything on the internet that says I shouldn't get full NHS care. The only things I've found involve reciprocal health agreements, which seems to apply for students staying under 6 months. 

Does anyone know what's up?

perspectives needed

I applied to a number of MSc programs in Scotland last year, received several favourable replies, but had to defer a decision for personal reasons. I am coming up on the point that I need to make a decision as to which to choose, and any perspective people can provide on unis and locations would be helpful. My three choices are Abertay Dundee, U of Glasgow, and U of Edinburgh. I've spent some time in both Glasgow and Edinburgh over the past couple of years as a tourist and liked both of them a great deal. I mean to visit Dundee the last time I was in the UK, but things came up that prevented me doing so, so I don't have a good feel for what it's like, though I've had a little feedback from some of my British friends.

The programs are a bit apples and oranges, which doesn't make it any easier. Abertay is an IT-related degree, and I know they excel at those. Glasgow is a GIS degree, and they assure me that they are a national leader in GIS training and partner with industry leaders who are always looking to snap up their graduates (but they would say that, wouldn't they? :-) And Edinburgh is an Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies degree (told you it was an odd set of choices), and their IMES is pretty well renowned.

Comments? Anyone studying or studied in Dundee? I gather the cost of living there compares quite favourably to the others and its revived enough to have a decent amount of culture. Nightlife is not so much a concern as I'm not he clubbing type, but I do like the occasional concert, restaurant, or other cultural experience that's not bog standard. TIA!


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